#96 Robin's Friend's Son Has Kawasaki Disease, Really Bad, HEaling

I received this from a close friend and they desperately need prayer. It started when he got out of school last June, bad rash all over, fever etc, took him to a doc who diagnosed as strepp even though he had no sore throat......5 days later with antibiotics still had fever so we go to different doctor who diagnosed as possible appendicitis (?)  so we go to emergency room at local hospital........they start talking about "Kawasaki disease"       I'm like wtf is that?        I then realized he had been tick bitten a few weeks prior so I kept telling them that but they ignored me and went ahead with an IV treatment for Kawasaki disease.....After  24  hours his fever went away so they discharged him, that was a Friday, Sunday his fever was back so we go back to the same hospital. By Tuesday he was in tough shape and they were doing nothing for him. I WAS WATCHING MY SON DIE!    At 6 am Wed I was on the phone and finally by 8am was speaking with infectious disease specialists at Duke Children's hospital in Durham NC, a good 3 hrs from where we were then.  They told us to get him over here so we yanked him out of that awful hospital and brought him here. At that point he was not long for this world.  They immediately started working on him here, so many doctors and nurses I couldn't count them all. He was diagnosed with Kawasaki here as well and was immediatly given the IV treatment for it....... but as we found out, Kawasaki usually only hits kids up to 5 yrs old so he at age 13 wasn't suspect of having this weird disease. Unfortunately the first hospital wasnt aggressive enough, only giving him one treatment then throwing up their hands when the fever came back. He would surely be dead now if I hadnt gotten him out of there. Well when a kid gets this they MUST be treated for it within 10 days of onset otherwise heart damage can occur. It was 12 days when we got him in here so he did suffer heart damage. His case is so unusual that there is no history, doctors in this country have no past cases to refer to to know how to treat it.  Here at Duke they have some incredible doctors, very dedicated to this, wonderful people. They saved his life.   What he suffered is lesions to his coronary arteries.   The inflammation is now gone but these enlarged arteries are a problem.  They are giving him IV treatments of a special protein aimed at shrinking these arteries back to normal size but its all shot-in-the-dark, nobody knows if it will work. The bad thing is that these enlarged arteries can cause heart attack so he is now at 60-80% risk of having a heart attack that would likely kill him until these lesions can  shrink (if they will, nobody knows)  This is a life changing thing for him and us. My wife accepts this way better than I......I no longer sleep much and worry 24/7,  can't concentrate on anything......Kawasaki is from China......wouldn't you know the Chinese would create such a thing?    It is traced to a small farming area of northeast china, starts as a fungus and becomes airborne and is carried around the world by global winds. It is still ongoing,   nobody can figure out how or why this fungus triggers kids immune systems to go berserk and start fighting themselves.  It makes immune systems view itself as the enemy, very strange. The disease is most common in Japan, where its like an epidemic there. Typically it goes after Asian or part Asian kids only.  My wife Asian of course so Frankie is 50% AsianBeen a really awful summer and as of right now thee is no end in sight in the foreseeable futureIf you're like me,thought Kawasaki was only a motorcycle........not so any more   - Robin L

#95 Jennifer's Friend Hollye Cancer Back in a Mass After Being Gone; Healing

My name is Jennifer and I wish to submit an urgent prayer request For my long-time friend Hollye F. Hollye has suffered several bouts of cancer and just when we thought all was finally well, it's back in a large mass. She has suffered such pain, humiliation,  sorrow and loneliness in her burden. I ask that you join me in prayer that Hollye F can finally find great health and peace in Jesus name. That during her recovery from this next surgery, she finds herself surrounded by people who are there to comfort, help and nurture her and help her back onto her feet in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. That her children, friends, neighbors and church congregation find the time to make sure her needs are met and she has someone to depend on. She has spent years giving the shirt off her own back and now deserves to reap the rewards of her kindness to others although she has never expected a thing in return. With so many, gathered in prayer, we can work miracles, for ALL things ARE possible through Christ. Father we come to you, asking that our sister Hollye F be healed from her cancer and that ANY DISEASE, GERM OR VIRUS DIE INSTANTLY in the name of JESUS. We ask you Father to cradle Hollye in your loving and healing arms, comfort her in her time of need, help her to feel completely enveloped in love and your bright healing, heavenly light. Hold her hand Lord so that she may be healed from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. Father, YOU are the Great Physician, the GREAT I AM. The mover of mountains,  the MIRACLE worker. Thank you Father God for a complete healing of Hollye if it be your will.  In Jesus name we pray.      Amen. - Jenni Y
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