#pray4 #57 God Leads and Improves Gary in All Areas of His Life

Please pray that God’s Spirit leads and improves me in all areas including self employment, financial income, security, protection, investments, creativity, God’s blessings and favor, health, healing, family, business support, walking in the spirit, family healing, peace, deliverance, God’s Leadership and Presence at all time. Thank you – Gary P

#pray4 #51 Gary’s Concerns and Goals

Prayer Concerns & Present Goals
1) She and I totally “get over” each other and move on with our individual lives
2) God’s help in individual “healing” from this situation
3) God heals my present ailments and energizes me to carry out responsibilities
4) God provides for my family and I and there be no wants or debts
5) God blesses, heals, delivers, protects and gives wisdom and peace to my family and I
6) God blesses our possessions with good looks and operations
7) God removes all evil and fills my family with His Will and Way for us ()
– Gary P